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Why mint #Mpunks?

    This is a derivative that stands for all, #Mpunks face left and right representing all walks of life, which #punk or #phunk are you going to be

    Does your online personality accuratley represent you in real life? We are all masked online and more transparency is needed here is 10k NFT spots to get involved

    After the NFT sale has completed, we will have a community discussion on the next steps and put a plan forward that you the holders have a say on

    Our unique aquamarine background lets #Mpunks stand apart from other derivatives, holding #Mpunks is for the people

    Join our community and vote on future projects and our community wallet will help pay our active community builders in ETH

    15% of all sales go to charities our holders believe in

What The FAQ?

Our unique aquamarine green backgrounds lets #Mpunks stand apart from other derivatives, holding #Mpunks is for the people, community and communication are everything

10,000 #Mpunks will only ever be released, however we are working to expand the collection in the future with some limited edition addons.

Oscr.eth (Oscar) and Spart.eth (Sam) are the original creators, friends from an early age, now NFT enthusiasts, Oscar currently works all over europe, Sam is based in the UK, we are looking for friendly and motivated individuals to join the #Mpunks team from all over the globe.

The Team

spart oscr
spart oscr